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Merger and Partnership Research Centre

The City of Glasgow College was created when Central College Glasgow, Glasgow Metropolitan College and Glasgow College of Nautical Studies merged on 1st September 2010.

As a result of our very successful three-way merger - which was the first in Scotland - we have built up considerable experience and intelligence on the subject of merger and partnership working.  During our merger journey we also realised that there is very little published material that provides detailed commentary on mergers in the Further or Higher Education sectors in the UK, nor much in the way of analysis of the impact of college mergers

It was this recognition of a ‘gap’ in the market that led to the idea of the Merger and Partnership Research Centre.

Mergers are a very current issue, and given the recent mergers of other FE colleges in Scotland as a result of regionalisation, we feel that the timing for this development is opportune.

On a one-stop basis, the Merger and Partnership Research Centre offers a range of services including:
•         Access to all of our merger documentation (some 300 plus documents)
•         Access to books and periodicals on partnership working and mergers
•         Consultancy and mentoring services

All documents are metatagged so that searches for very specific information are straightforward and immediate. For example, for information on legal transfer documents, simply enter the key words and all results for the search are immediately displayed.

We feel that we have much to offer others who are considering merging, and this Centre is a consolidation of our, and others', experience that will support the successful delivery of other mergers within the FE sector and beyond in the wider public sector.

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