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Library Policies

Library policies


Library users are asked to follow the guidelines below when visiting the library:

  • Please be considerate towards other library users and keep noise levels to a mimimum. If you are studying in a group please use the designated group study areas. Similarly, quiet study areas are available for those wishing to study without disturbance. If noise levels are disturbing you, please tell library staff and they will deal with the issue discreetly.
  • Always bring your purple smart card (student ID card) with you - you will not be able to access library services without it.
  • Mobile phones may be used in the libraries discreetly to text or to browse online and should always be kept on silent. Calls must be made/taken outside the library.
  • In the event that the fire alarm goes off, leave the library using the stairs and not the lifts. Do not wait to gather belongings or log-off computers. If you are elsewehere in the building do not attempt to re-enter the library to collect anything. Make your way to the muster points and await further instructions. Failure to follow instructions from library staff and fire marshalls is a disciplinary offence. Firefighters will physically remove anyone who fails to leave the building.

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