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Applications Of Mathematics (National 5)

(SCQF level 5)

Adult Learning and Supported Programmes, Education and Humanities

Applications closed

Mode of Study


Start Date

31st Aug 2019, 32 weeks


City Campus


£ 415


This fast-track course prepares you to think through real-life situations involving mathematics. It develops your confidence in handling information and mathematical tasks in your personal life and in the workplace.  This course is aimed at those who require an alternative to National 5 Maths for entry to courses eg. primary teaching, social work, and nursing.

As this is a fast track course, it is best suited to independent, self-motivated students who can work to a fast schedule, and dedicate 3-6 hours per week outside college to self-study every week.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements

One of the following:

  • Broad experience in Maths.
  • Standard Grade Maths 3 or 4.
  • National 4 Maths.
  • National 4 Lifeskills Maths.
  • Intermediate 1 Maths at A or B.

Additional selection requirements

  • Your initial interview will be in a group setting, highlighting the course programme, prelim information, and student requirements regarding attendance and course work. There will be opportunities for you to ask course lecturers questions.  This will be followed by a one to one short interview where existing qualifications, experience and future goals will be discussed before decisions regarding suitability for this course will be made.

What you study

You will study Maths in real-life contexts, in the areas of finance, statistics, data management, measurement and geometry.  This will equip you with the mathematical skills and knowledge you need in your everyday life and at work.  Exam preparation is central to the course.  The external exam takes place in May 2020. 

As this is a fast track course, you will need to dedicate 3-6 hours per week in self-study in addition to class attendance. 

After the course


  • Other qualifications in mathematics or related areas.
  • Core Skills Numeracy Unit (SCQF level 6).
  • These skills can also support progression into Skills for Work Courses, National Progression Awards and National Certificate Group Awards.

NB This qualification is not accepted for entry to Higher Maths (as the Applications of Mathematics course has no algebra or trigonometry).

Additional Information


Please obtain the following before the start of the course. Amazon is a good source for these.
Essential Books
  • National 5 Lifeskills Maths 2016-17 SQA Past Papers with Answers Paperback – 28 Oct 2016 by SQA (Author) 
  • National 5 Lifeskills Maths Student Book (Student Book) Paperback – 22 Apr 2015 by Craig Lowther (Author), Harden (Author), Jenny Smith (Author), Judith Barron (Author), Leckie and Leckie (Author) 
Essential Equipment
  • An individual A4 folder and writing pad insert
  • Graph paper insert pad
  • Black, blue, red pen(s)
  • Scientific calculator (preferably CASIO but your preference is fine)
  • A Helix Geometry set 
You may be required to obtain other resources later in the course.
  • Mode of Study:
  • Start Date:
    31st Aug 2019, 32 weeks
  • Location:
    City Campus
  • Cost:
    £ 415