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Gender Based Violence

Gender based violence is an issue that our universities and colleges are concerned about.  Research suggests that as many as 1 in 4 female students experience unwanted sexual behaviour during their studies. Colleges and universities are working to prevent gender based violence and we want to encourage people to make disclosures and ensure they receive the support they want. You might have a role in intervention.

By ‘gender based violence’ we mean a spectrum of behaviour that starts with objectification and unwanted comments and includes - intimidation, harassment, domestic abuse, physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, rape and murder. The term also includes commercial sexual exploitation and so called 'honour based' violence, including, female genital mutilation, forced marriages and 'honour' crimes.

Scotland uses the term gender based violence because women and girls are much more likely to experience it as a result of continued inequality in our society. However, the term is not exclusive of other people. It does recognise that men and the LGBT+ community can be victims too.

If the situation is immediate, call the Police on 999.

Gender Based Violence Information Resources

There are a number of organisations who can provide support for those experiencing gender based violence. If you are concerned about yourself or someone else, please use the link below to access support. 

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